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The Garden Project

One of my favorite projects I worked on in the last year: The Garden!

If you've been following Maple and Moss the past year you've watched The Garden grow from a cinder block space to this beautiful restaurant! The project was incredibly fun to work on and having the opportunity to work with Julie and Elliott was amazing. They are free-spirited, open-minded, and creative. They have a love for their community, and all of these characteristics are poured into their restaurant.




The goal was to have a beer garden that could be used year-round and with Colorado weather, that can be a little tricky. The inspiration became this; The Garden is like a succulent because it can live year-round. With that idea, we took Julie's love for simplicity and Scandinavian design and meshed that together with a succulent southwestern vibe. We had a concept and ran with it.







A place to relax and a place to connect. This indoor/outdoor space is a year-round gem offering local events, food & drink.

The Garden has delicious cocktails and local craft beer. I haven't had a drink that I didn't love! They rotate food trucks every week and host weekly yoga and many other events. There is something new at The Garden every week so it is never a dull moment here. It is a place for community, it is a place to feel at home.


Local Artist Mary Andrews painted and designed the custom artwork for the space. I wanted to have a local artist for the job and I knew it was her! I gave her my color pallet and basically said "GO". We also added a live greenery wall to the space and I fell in love with that little nook.


I am so grateful to have been a part of this project. Make sure to check out the garden on Instagram here!


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