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My Local Spots - Kinship Landing

Whether you live in Colorado Springs or you are planning a trip, these spots are ones that I love to visit and highly recommend you check out.

What is Kinship Landing?

Kinship Landing is a boutique hotel located in downtown Colorado Springs which strives to help every guest experience Colorado Springs as if they were a local. Kinship is also popular for it's first floor hosting a cafe and bar known as Homa. The items on the menu were inspired by foods and drinks from around the world and created with fresh Colorado ingredients. Everything I have tried from the menu is delicious.

Why is it unique?

It isn't common for hotel bars to be open to the public but here at Homa that isn't the case. Homa is unique in that the cafe and bar are open to both hotel guests and locals. There is plenty of space for everyone with a variety of seating options, group tables, and an outdoor patio area.

What's my favorite design element?

If you've been here before or plan to visit one of the things you'll notice first is the greenery. The greenery is my favorite design element in the building and if you pay attention you'll see that it is EVERYWHERE! All of the live plants and trees make it feel as though you are in a greenhouse. The space is LIFE-GIVING, to say the least.

Make sure to visit this gem of a hotel and bar, you won't be disappointed! Want more information on Kinship Landing? Click Here.


Kinship Landing Hotel Design Greenery Maple and Moss

Bar Greenhouse Interior Design Cafe Plants

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