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How To Update A Room On A Budget

Are you feeling your space is dated and needs solutions that are also budget-friendly?

Today Maple & Moss Designs shares five ideas of how to update a room with a budget of $500 or less.

Let's get started!




Is your area rug looking a bit tired? Replacing an area rug in a room provides new colors and textures to your space without breaking the budget. First, it’s important to identify your design style, how practical you need your rug to be, and what size will work best for the room you’re updating.

When shopping for your area rug online, filtering your design preferences will guide you in the right direction.

Here is a list of design styles that are most popular:

· Contemporary

· Traditional

· Modern

· Eclectic

· Bohemian

· Modern Farmhouse

· Shabby Chic

· Coastal

· Rustic

· French Country

· Industrial

· Scandinavian

· Southwestern

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Rug

Choosing the size of a rug will depend on the size and layout of a space.

Pet-friendly and childproof rugs are becoming more popular with options to wash them in your own washing machine at home. Low pile rugs are more practical for homes with young children and pets.



One of the more eye-catching ways to update a room is a fresh coat of paint on the walls or considering an accent wall. Both inexpensive and transformational, choosing the appropriate color or pattern depends on several factors including the light your room receives, how a color looks on your walls throughout the day, and the purpose of your space.

Cool tones, like green and blue paint colors, tend to provide a more calming environment.

White paint will really brighten your space. If you have minimal natural light, you might consider choosing a bright white to open the room. Have a lot of light in your space? Consider how airy and bright a white paint color offers a room. All white paint is not the same, so selecting the right one will be very important.

Feeling a bit more daring? Warm tones, such as a bright or deep red accent wall goes far if done correctly. Need guidance in where an accent wall would best contribute to your room? Reach out to us for consultation services!

At the end of the day, it’s only paint. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the idea of choosing a paint color, we’re always here to help!



Let’s talk about lighting, shall we? Lighting is transformational in a space of one hundred percent. Have an old chandelier hanging in your dining room from the ’90s? Holding onto those lamps you bought in the early 2000s that doesn’t feel quite right anymore? It’s time to upgrade.

Our eyes are naturally drawn to the light in a space, so it’s important that whatever is producing that light is an intentional part of the room. You’d be surprised what a small change like this can do.



We all know that interior designers love throw pillows. They provide comfort, style, texture, and pops of color. What’s not to love about them? They’re affordable, and a super-easy way to change the look of your space. We’re here for all the pillows.

Maybe your space is lacking color, texture, or needs some softness? Living rooms, bedrooms, etc., are simple solutions you can afford.



There are so many reasons to update or add new curtains to a space. Not only are the correct type of curtains key, the length of your curtains, and the height of your curtains are just as important. Hanging your curtain rods high and wide along with the ceiling with enough space for your curtains to move, creates the illusion of higher ceilings and wider windows. Take a look at the visual below.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Curtains

The color, texture, and pattern of your curtains are significant decisions. Consider bringing home samples of fabric or single curtain panels to decide what will work best in your space before making a final decision. You may require more light-blocking panels or you may prefer light filtering curtains. It's all up to you!


We hope these ideas invite you to think about how small changes can make a big impact on a more cozy, purposeful space. Check back later for Maple & Moss Design tips!


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