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Halloween Hacks!

Happy October everyone! Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I went a little out of the box this year. I normally do a fall theme and leave the kitschy vibe out. But THIS year I went for it and let me say, I am not regretting it. A friend of mine pushed me to add all the cheesy Halloween decor because decorating shouldn't always be so serious. My 6-year-old had a blast helping (notice the skeleton in dinosaur rain boots, or as he calls him "Dead Oli"). I opted for mixing some real and some artificial pumpkins this year to save on money and those pesky squirrels that enjoy eating our decor.

No matter how little or much you add to your home, have fun! I thought I'd share my purchases this year from my home. It may be close to Halloween but they are all on Amazon so you should get them in time or at least draw some inspiration from them. Make sure you click on the link for more information!

I absolutely love these bats and think they are one of the easiest Halloween decorations to add to your home. They come with peel and stick adhesives for quick set up and clean up. They are fairly versatile, I've seen them used in multiple room settings. They do great on fireplaces, accenting TVs, mirrors, and even artwork. I broke up the pack and put half in my living room and the other half around my entryway mirror.

These foam crows are an easy way to decorate a bookshelf or credenza. They come in a pack of six all with adjustable feet and about six inches tall. I placed mine next to a matching set of candle stick holders. These crows are also a hit with younger kids.

These LED candlesticks make ambient lighting effortless for Halloween. They come with ten candles, battery-operated, and remote-controlled. They are Harry Potter inspired so of course they would fit well hanging from the ceiling. I also think that they would make a nice addition to a fireplace mantle by mixing a few in with leaves and other faux plants. These are a safer option to have in your home if you have little ones running around your home.

I have these torn and tattered cloths ALL OVER my house. I have them outside hanging on the front porch, in the entryway, and hanging from the fireplace. They drape well and draw the eyes to the surrounding Halloween decorations, I highly recommend them!

Classic candlesticks! If you click on the link you'll see there are a variety of different colors, I chose white ones but black is also a great pick for Halloween. The candles last over eight hours long and create a warm glow in our hallway, perfect for Halloween night.

Of course you can't buy candle sticks without some candle holders. This set is not the one pictured but they have a clean, minimal look to them which means they can be used for other events and holidays. Set them on the dining room table with pumpkins and leaves around it to make a fun fall centerpiece. With the simple design you can turn around and use them again for Christmas and Thanksgiving!

If you try any of these items please share them with us on social media, tag Maple & Moss, we would love to see what you create! Happy Halloween!

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