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Modern Cottage Design

As a Designer, coming up with new "themes" or inspirations can be difficult. Its almost a forced creativity... and if you're an artist you know how well that turns out. So for a new and fresh concept I thought of Modern Cottage.

I wanted to have a clean look but also a cozy-up-to-the-fire feel. I added some amazing wallpaper to some of the rooms from Heritage Wallpaper to add that contemporary vibe. Soft blues and creams were the color palette with a pop of green.

One of my favorite focal points to this house was the master bedroom wall and the dining room candle wall. They came together beautifully, adding to the cottage chic feel of the home.

Enjoy the pictures and let us know your thoughts! PS- We have some exciting news coming your way for all of those outside Colorado Springs area. Stay tuned!

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