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Hello... This is Maple&Moss

Hello. My name is Lydia Andrews and I'm... starting a business.

I wanted to start the first blog off with a BANG for Maple&Moss Staging and Design. I got my coffee, threw on some French music (why? I'm not sure... it just felt artsy and right). What should the topic be? As she rubs her hands together to type...again, not sure why people do this, it just seemed legit. Ok, title. How about "New Mom, New Business"? No... too Mommy. "How to Throw the Perfect Party"...BAH, no such thing! As I sit here to construct the perfect first blog, I'm realizing there is no such thing. We already have social media to remind us how often people pose the perfect life... I am not about to pretend to start a blog that resembles that fantasy.

So, here it is...

This is Maple&Moss Designs, a place to come for short and sweet design ideas. To find low cost, fashion forward, mistake-included tips for the everyday person. I believe the reason we crave to make the world around us so beautiful is because all too often, it is messy and chaotic. It isn't impossible to have your home designed the way you've always wanted while still having little ones running around it. It doesn't have to cost Pottery Barn prices to have that modern farm style you've been drooling over. You CAN throw an amazing party, and get this, actually ENJOY it if you plan ahead and use some easy tips along the way.

So, stick with me. Let's have fun and look and feel really good while we do it.


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