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We take design seriously! What is this space needing and what does it say about you? Starting with the foundation of the space and nurturing it layer upon layer is how we tell a story. Your story, Weather you have children and need functionality or you are a bachelor and want a sleek atmosphere, we got you. We specialize in creating a story within your walls and thinking outside the box to achieve your narrative. 


One of the most important aspects of our core values is to be available for you and show up when you need us. We schedule out an individual plan that will work best for your life. Need flexibility? No problem. Life happens so we work hard to around your needs. The beauty of virtual design is that we are always just a click away!


It may seem like a simple concept, but kindness for our clients is so important to us! We want people to feel supported in the vision of their space. It's personal to us because it's personal to you.  If we can bring some ease and direction for our clients then we have done our job well. Jobs come and go, but relationships last, and we want to cultivate kindness in ours.


Living Room

Here is what makes us different; at Maple&Moss we do virtual design. What does this mean? The bottom line, think streamlined and simpler. With almost everything online as far as purchasing goes, we thought, why not make the entire process virtual! We give you everything from mood boards and color schemes, to a 3D rendering of your space and then create a fun, Pinterest-like board for you to shop on. The best part? This costs you less in design time AND a quicker turnaround. We all have busy lives, that's most likely why you haven't gotten your home to where you want it today. So let's simplify!

Interior Design