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Finding the Mojo

The irony in writing this post is that I haven't personally blogged in a year. But what better reason to write it?

I feel like I will lose a lot of the audience when I say this next sentence but stay with me. As a mom, working and finding motivation to keep creating and moving forward is paralyzing. Not because I don't have the ideas or passions but because I'm just plain tired. My brain hurts from being split between worries about my child, my marriage, my job and my other passions (religion, community, family etc.)

But I had this thought recently: you don't have to be a mom or parent to feel paralyzed with the three big F's: fear of failure, fear of the future, and fear of finances. So many F's, man. Working moms, stay-at-home moms, college students, hard working men and women in their 60s who are wondering what's next? We are all human, which means we all have the capacity to feel the same feels. I like to think almost all of us are working toward the good. The good in us to better those around us.

So the thing inside you, that mojo that is bubbling under the surface of your skin... that's there for a reason, friend. Let. It. Out. Because until you tackle that, you'll be stuck in a cycle of stunted yearning. Maybe it's business, maybe its relational. Whatever it is, make a plan. Make a DAY 1.

My husband and I are about to do the Whole 30 Challenge and I have so much angst about it. Just knowing that I'm starting a new diet that limits ALL OF THE THINGS makes me stressed. Why? Because I'm afraid I'll fail, and I haven't even started yet! It wasn't until I started listing meals and buying the items we needed that I began to feel in control and prepared. Make a DAY 1, people. It's just one day.

It's like climbing a mountain. (Let me preface this with we are not outdoorsy Colorado people. It's taken 4 years of living here to realize it. We just aren't. And that's ok... we are self-aware.) But regardless, a mountain. So big and intimidating, but in that first step, the mountain disappears and now you are just on a trail. You can't see the vast scale of it because you are already in it.

So whatever it is, a job application, a hard conversation or embarking on that shelved dream, take that first step, friend. Schedule it out. The worry you are holding onto is harder than just actually starting. Hey, I wrote this blog didn't I?

-Lydia Andrews

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