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The Broadmoor Beauty.

For those of you located near Colorado Springs, you know the allure of the Broadmoor area: luxury homes galore.

The Project:

A recent staging project brought Maple & Moss to a classy Broadmoor neighborhood. For our purposes, we will call this specific project "The Broadmoor Beauty." This home was stunning, boasted clean lines, and had an open floor plan. The space had recently been updated and obviously was in a picturesque area.

The Challenge:

Now, "an open floor plan" sounds effortless and simple to complement, but can be quite the opposite. With so much space, buyers can find it difficult to envision how they might realistically live in the home. Maple & Moss had the pleasure of completing the staging for this Broadmoor Beauty, segmenting the open floor plan in a way that gave the home a natural flow. For example, there was a large, central fireplace on the main floor and by placing key pieces of furniture (i.e. a couch, coffee table and accessories) facing the fireplace, this became a casual living room. From there, we were able to create a space for formal dining by adding a large rustic dining table. These simple touches divided the space in a way that made logical sense and created a calculated balance.

Final Thoughts:

This project was a wonderful challenge, giving us the freedom to envision how one large space could have multiple functions! We also got to utilize some of our favorite staging pieces (i.e. the cocktail cart as a side table) which made this a specifically enjoyable project.

Take a look at the space below:

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