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Featured in Parade of Homes.

What is Parade of Homes?

Parade of Homes is a highly anticipated annual event showcasing the latest and greatest in home design. This event is all encompassing, featuring affordable design work, luxury homes, and cutting-edge home design.

Maple and Moss was asked by Oakwood Homes to represent their specific aesthetic in the Parade of Homes.

This was such a huge honor and a fun project! We were able to design a beautiful space using mostly preexisting home goods. With the addition of a few specific pieces, the space came to life. The end product was a bright, well designed and livable space. We hope everyone who has the opportunity to walk through the space feels inspired to do more design work in their own home!

Would you like to attend Parade of Homes?

With a purchase of a Parade of Homes ticket, you can see the space designed by Maple & Moss in person! The address is 9294 Pacific Crest Dr.

See a preview of the space below:

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