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Wild Rose Home or "Floor Galore"

Maple and Moss recently tackled a challenging staging project, we call it the Wild Rose Home or Floor Galore (for obvious reasons).

This was a tricky home stage - NOT IMPOSSIBLE - just tricky.

Reasons why this specific job was tricky:

FLOORING - There were three types of floors to compliment while staging: carpet, hardwood and tile. The combination of flooring meant that styling had to be strategic.

DATED FIXTURES - The style of the home was dated. There were fixtures that you would primarily see in older homes.

COLOR PALETTE - In places, the wall color was hard to compliment. For example, there were salmon colored walls in some of the spaces.

Check out the BEFORE photos below:

This home had a lot of potential; this was evident instantly. The staging had to inspire potential buyers and help them see WHAT THE SPACE COULD BE! That's exactly what we set out to do! Using some unique finds from Platte Furniture (one of our favorite spots for pieces) we were able to create a space that felt comfortable and effortless.

Check out the AFTER photos below:

The transformation was incredible! We believe that we were able to accomplish staging in such as way that buyers could see themselves in this space. In fact, the home was under contract within a month! Meaning, serious buyers were interested and prepared to begin the process of buying this specific home.

The realtor, Gail Wahl of Blue Picket Realty, spoke of Maple and Moss highly:

"Lydia Andrews rocks the staging world. I took my clients through one of her staged homes and it wasn't till we were under contract and doing our inspection that I realized how outdated the home was with salmon pink walls, carpet and tile. The stylish choice of interior design furniture and accessories blended the old with the new, flawlessly. Her choices gave the clients ideas of how they could move right in without having to break the bank further with major changes. Lydia is an asset to both the buying and the selling side." - Gail Wahl, Blue Picket Realty

We were thrilled that the Wild Rose Home was snatched right up and that the realtor could really see the difference the staging made! It was a challenging project, maybe our most challenging yet! However, the pay off was HUGE!


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