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The Stratton Home - A Million Dollar Project

Maple & Moss has been up to some EXCITING things and tackling some big projects!

Recently we completed a MILLION DOLLAR HOME staging project. For our purposes, we'll call this project "The Stratton Home." Located in the Broadmoor area, this home is beautiful, boasting stunning mountain views. It was a challenging but hugely rewarding project to tackle.

At first, the sheer size of this home was intimidating. This big, beautiful home had a lot of space that needed to be covered. While most staging jobs happen in a day, this specific home took 3 separate staging trips because of all the detail. For example, there were 4 mantles and multiple built-in bookshelves that needed staging. We had to ensure that all the spaces were covered and well thought out.

Additionally, the flooring was Tuscan style, creating a specific challenge color-wise. However, once the furniture and rugs were added, it felt comfortable and flowed perfectly. We ended up loving the Tuscan detailing in the home, adding extra character to the styling!

This home was incredible to work on! Maple & Moss welcomed this challenging project and we LOVED the results!


Check out the slideshow below to see more photos from The Stratton Home Project!

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