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An Interview with Grace + James

Grace + James is a custom furniture brand, specializing in items like children’s farm tables, sliding barn doors, and twin-sized beds.

Maple & Moss originally spotted Grace + James on an online mom’s forum, where they had posted a picture of one of their custom children’s farm tables. Instantly Grace + James became the topic of conversation for hundreds of moms involved in this online forum, highly sought after for their adorable and functional farm table design.

The following is an interview with Katherine, the creator of Grace + James.

M&M: What made you start building furniture?

G+J: I began building furniture when I wanted to redecorate my house. My love of aesthetics and design was being suffocated by the hodgepodge nature of our decor, collected in our early years of marriage. I couldn't afford the high-end, rustic industrial furniture I loved, so I decided to try building it myself.

M&M: What pieces of furniture did you start with if this was something you had never really done before?

G+J: I started with easy DIY tutorials I found online, I soon discovered I enjoyed making custom items for my home. I have always had an artistic side, and building custom furniture finally gave me a creative outlet.

M&M: How has your brand grown?

G+J: Well, I've moved on to building pieces of my own design for local customers, and we are working towards having a line of ready-to-assemble children's items available to be shipped nationwide by Summer 2017. We had our first test-run shipping a children's farm table/bench set this month! We strive to provide beautiful, high-quality items for the home.

M&M: How can interested customers find you?

G+J: Our website is currently under construction, but we are excited to have a big reveal once it's complete! For now, orders can be placed through the contact form on the Grace + James website. Until the full site is up and running, we would love for customers to keep up with us on Instagram (@graceandjamesdesigns) and our Facebook page.

M&M: Last question, in one sentence, can you tell us the overall vision for your brand?

G+J: We strive to provide beautiful, high-quality items for the home.


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