Interior Design

How are we different?

We all have that Dream Home pictured in our heads. We save magazine pages or have our "one day" Pinterest boards. What so many don't realize, however, is the home of your dreams can happen now with the click of a button. It doesn't have to cost all of your savings and it is possible to map out and execute in a reasonable time frame. 


At Maple&Moss we know achieving your style can be overwhelming, intimidating, and sometimes feel out of reach. It isn't. All that is needed is a fresh eye and an introductory consultation to discuss options and see what your goals are. We can take that vision and make it a reality. With a few tricks, we make the ordinary extraordinary and merge creativity with simple, yet practical concepts. We would love to hear all the ideas you have for your space and make them a reality for you and your loved ones. 


Here is what makes us different; at Maple&Moss we do virtual design. What does this mean? The bottom line, think streamlined and simpler. With almost everything online as far as purchasing goes, we can design your home and send you almost any link to complete your overall look. The best part? This costs you less in design time AND a quicker turnaround. We all have busy lives, that's most likely why you haven't gotten your home to where you want it today. So let's simplify!

Call or set up an appointment online now and we will get you one step closer to the home you've been waiting for!

How it works...

  • Step 1

We send over the process packet to you. This lays out how we work and what the plan of action is for designing your home. From there we will have you fill out an online survey, selecting your style and favorite looks. This is a FUN part for you. Think mini-shopping. 

  • Step 2

We connect a designer with you for a consultation. This can be over facetime, skype, zoom or if you are in our surrounding area, in person. We will go over the dream design for your home and review measurements, pictures or any other specifics needed before sourcing your style. 

  • Step 3

Maple&Moss sends you the completed design for your home! With concept boards and color schemes, we layout the look for your room(s) and all the links to purchase the furniture and accessories directly to your home. If any adjustments need to be made, no problem! 

What it costs...

Package #1

  • Process Packet

  • Style Survey

  • Designer Consultation one on one

  • Design direction for room


Package #2

  • Process Packet

  • Style Survey

  • Designer Consultation 

  • Completed Design Package

  • Links to all purchases

  • Color Concept

  • Follow up

  • Up to 2 modifications


per room

Package #3

locals only

  • Process Packet

  • Style Survey

  • Designer Consultation on site 

  • Completed Design Package

  • Multiple rooms

  • Links to all purchases

  • Color Concept

  • Accessories design and placement


starting rate

*please note all projects are subject to price change as all homes are different.