At Maple&Moss we do design differently. We believe in creating home anywhere, for anyone. With our virtual yet personal design program we can eliminate the back and forth of decision-making time. Here is how we work:

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Step One

Meet and connect with your designer for your in depth consultation. We will go over your personal design survey and hear all about the vision for your space.

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Step Two

Designer sends the initial design presentation with a customized mood board and a 3D rendering of your room dimensions to determine the layout and narrow down the appropriate furniture selection.

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Step Three

Your product selection board is sent to you. Think of it as a personalized shopping list where you can approve, decline and comment on products in one easy step. 


Once you and your designer have finalized your selections we send the completed purchase list to you so items can arrive at your doorstep! That’s it! Like what you hear? Click here to get started.