Easy steps to refresh your home for spring

If you are anything like us, February feels like a tease for spring in Colorado. We all know it won't be here until May or maybe June, but the warmer weather has us itching to change things up around the house.

We have a few ideas for you as you transition your home from winter to spring.

1.) Add pops of color. Throw pillows and blankets are an inexpensive way to add color. The pillows below are from Pottery Barn, but Target, World Market, and HomeGoods have wonderful options as well.

2.) Add live or faux plants. Live plants are a wonderful way to bring in a fresh look. Spider plants and peace lilies help purify the air from harmful toxins like formaldehyde (which is in many home items) and CO2. They are easy to take care of as well!

If you don't have a green thumb, there are many beautiful options for faux plants. These can also be found at Target, Pottery Barn, or HomeGoods.

3.) Add bright fragrances from candles. Lemon, lavender, herb, cotton, and wildflower are all perfect scents for the season. Antique Candle Works uses wax from domestically grown soy beans and fine fragrance oils. These ingredients ensure that each candle is clean burning and long-lasting. Some candles use lead wicks, which emit toxins into the air. We want your home to be safe and fresh smelling!

We hope the groundhog is correct, and there is only 6 more weeks of winter, but if not, you can have your feeling like spring! Happy spring cleaning and refreshing!

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