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​Hello,  I am Emmaline "Emma" Repp-Maxwell - my beautiful family includes my husband, new baby and two stepkids! We have two ferrets and a lovely pup named Apollo. 

Where did you grow up? 

 I was born in Colorado to a military family. We were relocated to England when I turned six and returned to my home state just in time for high s    school. Other than a quick stint in West Africa with the Peace Corps, I've been here ever since!

What got you into design?

My mum was always so good at creating cozy, inviting spaces. British in the best way possible - she introduced me to bold colors and classic styles and taught me how to work within a humble budget. She (and the historical locations I was exposed to) inspired my quest for unique, bold, inviting spaces. When I purchased my own home, I fell right into the experiment of finding and honing the potential of my home. I quickly realized it was my favorite creative outlet. I love the endless possibilities of design and truly enjoy the process of working with clients to create their dream space. 


What drives your design decisions?

Connecting with my clients and making what can be an overwhelming process easy and accessible. I really enjoy figuring out how to articulate someone's preferences without imitating anyone else. My goal is to listen and learn well enough that the spaces I create with my clients feel elevated, affordable, stylish and - most importantly - uniquely "theirs." I want everyone to share the excitement I feel for design, even if it's for a split second in their own home. 

What are some of your biggest inspirations?

Finding ways to use color, texture and pattern is one of my favorite aspects of design. I look to different cultures, historical time periods and creative movements to find new ways to bring all of those things boldly into my life. (I also love a good midcentury modern and Scandinavian vibe!)

What are you most proud of in your portfolio? What does it reflect in you as an interior designer?

Any chance I get to remodel or help design a kitchen space is a major win for me. This is one of the rooms we spend the most time in - a space we entertain, gather and share within. Helping someone fall in love with their kitchen, and actually want to spend time in and show off that space, is a proud moment for me. It's also a place that allows for a little more creativity and curiosity than others, so it can be a really fun design process!

How will you present your design concept and ideas?

I'm big on communication and visualization. Pinterest is a great tool for visualizing and personalizing new ideas in one's home. I think the mood board is one of my favorite tools because it really helps me illustrate my ideas in a universal way (and inspires the reat-time imagination of my clients)!

What can clients expect when working with you?

Enthusiasm, timeliness, communication and flexibility. I'm here to make their design dreams come true and I will work my tail off to make it happen!

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