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Jen Oskam

Jen Oskam, I have 4 sisters, no pets. I grew up in Walden, NY


What got you into design? 

When I bought my own house, I found myself spending hours sitting and envisioning the different rooms and what they could be. I began taking risks with colors and textures and would rearrange a room until it felt perfect. 

What drives your design decisions? 

Balance. I love when every part of a room feels intentionally filled, but not heavy, visually. When you can't decide where to rest your eyes because it all flows so well together. 

What are some of your biggest inspirations? 

Everywhere I go I'm picking out elements that I love in people's homes, in architecture, in commercial design. I even think back to visiting the cozy, eclectic home of my aunt and uncle in Brooklyn, and another relative's sleek, modern house by the ocean in Norway. I am constantly appreciating design wherever I go!


What are you most proud of in your portfolio?

What does it reflect in you as an interior designer? It is hard to choose. It is so satisfying when, after hours of mulling over ideas, a design finally comes together and makes the most sense. 


How will you present your design concept and ideas? 

They are simple, but mood boards are just so effective in conveying design ideas. I often utilize hand sketches or computer Sketchup renderings if something is difficult for my client to visualize. 


What can clients expect when working with you? 

I love presenting room layouts before mood boards. It just makes sense to me that way-- the layout is the puzzle. Once I've figured out that puzzle, adding the different shapes, colors and textures is the fun part!

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