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Owner and Designer Lydia Andrews is from CA and moved to LA to pursue her passion for the arts.  She met her husband (originally from CO) and they both came to Colorado Springs to start their family. Lydia has 3 children and loves living downtown. 

Lydia was determined to start a company that listened to its client's needs and delivered jaw-dropping results. This doesn't look like a traditional design company, however. Lydia believes interior design is for everyone.  This means affordability and a streamlined approach to the process while still reflecting the client's personalized style. 

"Our vision is to create a home. Not with the stuff but with the intention of connection. A connection between designer and client. A connection between our clients and their families. A connection between our clients' home and their first-time guests. It's more than a collection of random materials. It's a feeling. And that feeling is HOME."


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