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Hello, I’m Jen!  I’m married to Matt and have two daughters, Everlyn and Penny. I’m originally from Arizona, but I’ve lived in Colorado Springs since 2007, and quickly fell in love with the unique merging of the high desert, mountains, and plains in this part of our state. Our family loves outdoor adventures, camping, hiking, and skiing.

It’s impossible not to be inspired by the beauty around me in nearly every environment, and I find that I’m drawn to expressing those natural concepts in much of my design. Whether through the addition of a healthy dose of greenery (live or faux, but I’m partial to live), accessorizing with natural textures, or simply including some stunning landscape artwork; I believe the outside world can add some great depth to the inside of our homes.

As a designer, I am passionate about helping my clients achieve a space that they enjoy and want to share with others, while also respecting their own personal styles and budget.


Clients can expect me to listen to their specific goals and requirements, and to keep those priorities in mind as I develop the design. My goal is to make sure you love both the design concepts I present, and the real-life outcome in your home.


I look forward to working with you soon! 


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