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Along with my husband and son, we are a family of seekers and adventurers looking for joy, soul, beauty, love and meaning in our own home life and the great wide world. I come from a long line of curious souls. My parents ingrained and nurtured adventuring, travel and curiosity in me from a young age while growing up in Oyster Bay Long Island. I had the great fortune to live in NYC for 18 years, soaking up all the art, culture, and design NYC has to offer while working in fashion publishing (Vogue), advertising, visual effects production, and one of the world's leading mid-century modern furniture galleries.


I have always had an eye for design and decor from the art and textiles my parents brought back from their travels, to the desert aesthetic I absorbed living in Tucson AZ in college, to the pieces I brought home from my post-grad journey around the world. In particular, my work in the furniture gallery and visual effects gave me the eye and language to discuss color and concept with clients while bringing design projects to life. 


My approach is to consider my client's lifestyle and the feelings they wish to experience in their home, designing in a way that amplifies the design brief. Together we will choose color, texture and pieces that evoke these feelings through form, function, and style. 


Mid Century Modern is a movement I frequently reference for its iconic and timeless looks that enhances any design concept. I look to the artisans and makers of the world for textiles, pottery, art, rugs and beautiful decor pieces. These pieces fill in and add layers of colors, pattern and texture to a space. 


I believe in mixing high and low design. We can find beauty and style in any budget for all spaces. Go for that vintage piece that is a splurge and we'll style it with your beloved travel knickknacks! Did you see a gorgeous room or furniture piece in Elle Decor or Architectural Digest that is the inspiration for your whole space? Let's find a way to create that vibe within your budget. 


As we work together, I will listen and offer you my thoughts and ideas in an open and honest dialogue. I will push you outside of your comfort zone when I think you will be happy with the result and pull back when you want what you want. I love to work with visual references: color swatches, screen shots, magazine pages, books, photos - all tools that help communicate the vison. 


Ultimately, I want my clients to feel joy and inspiration as they live in the design we create together.